Product data is at the heart of e-commerce. 
And so is X-Trade by Xeris

Complete, quality-assured product data is the foundation of
a seamless shopping experience, loyal and happier customers.

Intelligent data adapter

"Connect and forget"

Manufacturers and retailers have a "many-to-many" problem in common. A manufacturer has to deal on average with 4000+ retailers. Each of these retailers has its systems and preferred format.

A retailer has to deal with 100+ manufacturers, each with their chosen way of sending their product information. With 500 formats to support retail partners globally, the hours quickly add up to prepare, correct and provide data to all partners for each SKU.

Once X-Trade by Xeris is connected, you will never have to think about what system or format your trade partners prefer.

X-Trade automatically extracts and distributes live product information making it instantly accessible, searchable and reusable. Best of all, you only need to set this "intelligent data adapter" up once!

Global marketplace

Use your own standards

In a continuously changing world, new data standards and formats are frequently emerging. International standards and classifications, such as GPC, ETIM, UNSPSC, eClass, HS Code, BIM, can be defined based on region, market, purpose, communication methods and more. What they all have in common is that they have nothing in common: every standard is unique.

With X-Trade by Xeris, you can finally forget about standards as X-Trade understands them all.

Do you have a preferred standard? Keep using it. Do your partners and customers require a specific standard, different from yours?
No problem, X-Trade by Xeris speaks that language too!

Smart e-commerce

Grow Your Online Sales

In the last decade, e-commerce has exploded, and given the current situation, it will only keep growing. E-commerce is an enormous business opportunity but also poses many challenges, such as high return rates because of physical products not matching their digital twin.

To not only avoid this but also increase online sales, your product information must be accurate and up to date.

Database with structured product information
Product information?

"Content is King"

Product information can refer to environmental properties, certifications, images, illustrations, 3D objects, film or other specifications such as dimensions and should reflect the physical product.

X-Trade by Xeris guarantees that all available information is communicated and delivered flawlessly to those who need it.

Your products will be presented consistently and error-free across multiple channels and platforms, resulting in higher sales and fewer returns.

Instant, reliable product information anywhere, anytime

With thousands of retail partners globally and about 500 formats to support these partners, it's difficult to keep up.

"Connect and forget" and be always up to date. Automatically.

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