Easily manage your
retail partners and products

Database with structured product information

Instant data exchange

Reduce the effort involved in preparing the data by 30-60%

Mobile e-commerce thanks to structured product data. Improve both product and customer experience through better quality searchable product information

Product data you can trust

Higher data quality reduces product queries and returns by 5-10%

Improve your webshop conversion and retention rates through an omnichannel presence, better personalisation and choice

Enhance your sales

Better personalization results in an increase in online sales by 5-10%

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“With X-Trade by Xeris we are able to manage a streamlined, connected and simple process for the exchange of product information that is serving our end customers' needs in a faster and better way."

Charlotta Persfell, Online Marketing & Sales Officer

intelligent data adapter

We adapt to your system, not the other way around

X-Trade by Xeris seamlessly integrates with any system, collects, and makes data accessible to retailers, who can easily choose and customize the data to fit their needs.

Spreadsheets, data formats, and requirements are now a worry of the past!

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boost your sales

Make your supply chain and sales funnel digital

Sales numbers dropping? Proactively change your product offering and tailor it to suit your market’s demand to increase your competitive advantage.

Instantly update high quality, visual, digital information and anticipate trends, update your website before anyone else, to increase both sales and customer happiness.

"Connect and forget"

Save time and money

Redirect the time used collecting and distributing basic product data to more productive tasks, such as the creation of personalised offers.

Forget about manually exchanging product data and instantly make product information available throughout your supply chain, regardless of format or language.

Instant product data exchange with X-Trade by Xeris and automation which reduces the effort involved in preparing product data by 30-60%

Instant, reliable product information anywhere, anytime

With thousands of retail partners globally and about 500 formats to support these partners, it's difficult to keep up.

"Connect and forget" and be always up to date. Automatically.

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Make your supply chain digital

All your product data in one place

Automation saves you time and money  

We adapt to your systems

Digital contracts

Assortment builder

Advanced analysis

Import to Webshop, BIM, PIM, CMS, ERP

International standards: GPC, ETIM, UNSPSC, eCLASS, HS Code, BIM 

Export from ERP, BIM, PIM, DAM, EPD